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Donate to a Charity

December 8 2020

Most charities work year-round to help society in many different ways. There are a variety of charities in our area such as animal, education, health, environmental, arts and culture. Small charitable donations have a huge impact and provides a chance to create a better world. If you choose to donate to a Registered Charity, you will be entitled to a tax deductible receipt thus saving on your taxes. 

Christmas is a time of giving. Today's Start a New Tradition is to donate to a charity of your choice. Choose a charity that means something to you. You could make a donation to the food bank or to a charitable organization in town such as the Rotary for the CT Scanner or the Library for fostering literacy.

Donations do not always have to be cash. You can donate food items to the food bank or books and craft materials to the Library. 

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