Enchanted! (Single Day)

Enchanted! (Single Day) - Open to ages 6-12

We have some single day programs over the summer open to children ages 6-12. 

Venture into magical realms where fantastic creatures roam and anything can (and will) happen. Discover the power of stories and storytelling to entertain and illuminate important lessons. Be enchanted by fairy and folk tales, old and new and from far and wide, as you journey through suspenseful twists and turns. Whatever the stories may be, they are bound to inspire you to imagine and even tell your own story.

Pre-registration is required. 

Ages 6-8 (1-2:30pm)  *  Ages 8-12 (3-4:30pm)

Greek Weaponry: August 2
Greek Monsters: August 3
Greek Heroes: August 4
Peter Pan: August 22
Narnia: August 23
Robin Hood: August 24

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2022 Summer Reading Program

Registration will open two weeks before each session and the deadline to register is the Thursday before the start of each session.
One question asks if your child/children have any medical conditions that would affect program participation. Please include any food allergies as snacks may possibly be served. Also, note that a portion of this program will take place outdoors for environmental allergies. 

Use the form below to register for Enchanted (Single Day Programs).
Registration will open on July 15, 2022 for August 2, 3 & 4.
Registration will open August 5, 2022 for August 22, 23 & 24.