Pen Pal Program

Pen Pal Program - Open to all ages

This summer, you can sign up to write letters to a pen pal from another library within our system. When you sign up, please try to commit to sending at least two letters this summer. There is no age limit - your pen pal could be any age and from anywhere across Northeastern Alberta. Letters will be dropped off and picked up at the library so no postage required. 

In early July, you will receive an email telling you who your pen pal is and what library to send your letters to. Just drop off your letters at any participating library and they will be sent to your pal! 

Please note that we will only be doing the pen pal program over the summer, so it is up to you to exchange contact information privately if you want to continue your friendship after the end of August.

Pre-registration is required. 
The deadline to register is June 30, 2022.  

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Pen Pal Program