Story in the Park

Story in the Park - Open to Families

Story in the Park is open to families and will run on Monday and Wednesday morning starting at 10am. Each session will have a different theme with a story, activities, a take-home craft and more! Pre-registration is required.

July 4 - Vikings
July 6 - Atlantis
July 11 - Loch Ness Monster
July 13 - The Kraken
July 18 - Elves
July 20 - Trolls
July 25 - Unicorns
July 27 - Fairies
August 3 - Mummies
August  8 - Dragons
August 10 - Witches/Wizards
August 15 - Camelot
August 17 - Knights
August 22 - Irish Folklore
August 24 - Ukrainian Folklore

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2022 Summer Reading Program

Registration will open two weeks before each session and the deadline to register is the Thursday before the session.  
One question asks if your child/children have any medical conditions that would affect program participation. Please include any food allergies as snacks may possibly be served. Also, note that this program will take place outdoors for environmental allergies. 

Use the form below to register for Story in the Park.

Story in the Park