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Come and take a look at 110 years of history as you browse the website containing digitized copies of the  Wainwright Star Chronicle dating back to 1908.  This preservation of the history of Wainwright, as described in the newspapers will benefit all members of the community, past and present.  We would like to thank our project partners: Wainwright Main Street Project, Battle River Historical Society (Wainwright Museum) and Buffalo National Park Interpretive Centre.  Our resources include Star News and Bison Printing. 

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1917 - In memory of Jordy Ganderton by The Stone Family

1926 - Hissett Family

1927 - In Memory of Adam (Addie) Coleman by The Coleman SC Grant Foundation

1933 - Norman Strauss family

1940 - In Memory of Gordon Huntingford by Larry and Diane Kingswood

1942 - Norman Strauss family 

1948 - Bob & Erika Foley

1949 - Bob & Erika Foley

1951 - Chuck and Pauline Hutchinson

1952 - Larry & Diane Kingswood

1954 - Chuck and Pauline Hutchinson

1954 - In Memory of Liane Foerger by Rose Semotiuk

1957 - In Memory of Eldon Jacobson by Don & Diane Dahlgren

1958 - Bob & Erika Foley

1967 - Gordon & Linda Fletcher

1970 - Bob & Erika Foley

1972 - Linda White

1973 - Larry & Diane Kingswood

1975 - Don & Diane Dahlgren

1976 - Randy & Judy Stafford

1977 - Don & Diane Dahlgren

1980 - Don & Diane Dahlgren

1988 - Bob, Cammie, Delanie & Kylie Allen

1989 - In Memory of Addie Coleman by Randy & Judy Stafford

1989 - In Memory of Gary Grant by Wendy Grant

2008 - In Memory of Linda Granigan by Bryan & Sandra Templeton

2009 - In Memory of Adam (Addie) Coleman by The Coleman SC Grant Foundation



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